Welcome to the short program on Smartgrid. This program has been created by a consortium of universities and industrial partners involved in the European project Smagrinet. The main objective of this program is to provide information and training in order to tackle the smart grid energy transition.

This course targets three different audiences with slightly different objectives:

  • Broader public: Raising awareness about the electrical engineering field and societal challenges associated
  • Engineering researcher: Updating their knowledge on smart grid transition and projects
  • Electrical engineering workforce: Complement their current skill-set regarding the new generation of electrical grid technology

You are currently involved in the "Electrical engineering workforce" short program.

This course is structured in 5 chapters with the corresponding subjects:
  • Context & challenges:  environmental challenges, energy system actors, load balancing,  smart grid
  • Electric network and infrastructure: Sources of energy (fossil fuels, nuclear & renewable), transmission, distribution, storage
  • Information system dedicated to energy: Information system, computer network, distributed control system, cybersecurity
  • Energy management & decisional system: consumption and price forecasting, load balancing, decision making,
  • Energy policy: Clean Energy package, GDPR, energy market, emerging business model.